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Here’s what you need to do next

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Which window blinds should you choose?

I’d like to teach you a little bit more about window blinds and hopefully help you answer this question easier. The trick in most cases is, it’s entirely down to your opinion – but there are a few select things you MUST know if you want to have long lasting window blinds.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Toilets and other potentially wet areas

Practically any window blind can work perfectly in these conditions – IF you purchase the moisture resistant versions. Let me give you examples of substitutes you can make for these rooms…

  • Swap Wooden Venetians for Faux Wooden Venetians – They’re cheaper, 100% waterproof, and come in a much better range of colours
  • Get a teflon coating on your roller blinds & vertical blinds to protect it from moisture and heat
  • Use Vienna Shutters instead of regular Shutters for 100% moisture protection

There are 2 window blinds that are unsuitable for these conditions, Roman Blinds & Pleated Blinds. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do with these blinds so you’ll just have to opt for something else in these rooms.


For conservatory side blinds you can have practically any type of window blind, the only thing you’ll want to be weary of if they’re of a decent quality and won’t warp in direct sunlight. Some woods can do this, we usually recommend faux wood rather than real wood.

For conservatory roofs you’ll need to either drill into your conservatory (not recommended), or use Perfect Fit Blinds. Perfect Fit blinds are built into a frame system that clips into your windows, allowing for a seamless fit with no drilling. Perfect for conservatory roofs, and also available for the conservatory side windows.

The 3 most popular blinds in a conservatory are:

  1. Roller Blinds
  2. Vertical Blinds
  3. Pleated Blinds

You can match them up..

A lot of people don’t realise that they don’t have to choose the same type of blinds in every single room. If you go for roman blinds in one room, you can have matching curtains (in the same fabric) in another. Or if you have Roller blinds in one place (e.g. a conservatory roof) you can have Vertical blinds in another (e.g. conservatory sides) in the exact same fabric. It looks fantastic and doesn’t limit you to one type of blind.

How to get a free appointment with an expert advisor

Unfortunately I can’t really describe which fabrics and colours will go best in your home without seeing it. That’s why you should arrange a free appointment with your local advisor from Hillarys.

They’ll visit you in your home at your chosen booking time, then they’ll show you the entire Hillarys range, help you choose the perfect blinds for your home, and measure your windows to give you a free no obligation quotation.

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